Deep in the Heart of Texas: Crawfish Boil

By: Smith Schwartz |

These crawfish were alive and crawling, no doubt about it.

We’ve really had such a great time down in Austin so far. Lucky for us, we met some great Austinites down in Buenos Aires when we showed up to an underground dinner. They’ve become great friends, and have really been rolling out the red carpet here for us lately. We can’t thank them enough for making our time here feel like home.

These new buddies of ours were kind enough to invite us to tag along to a crawfish boil last weekend. Actually, this boil was deemed a “Baby Boil”. Two of their friends are expecting a little human crawler any day now, so it was a fun way to celebrate.

This was a serious operation. In order to feed the twenty or so guests in attendance, you need LOTS of crawfish. They’re little fellers, so everyone needs to eat quite a few to make it count.

When the crawfish are all cooked, they are spread out on a plastic tablecloth and everyone goes to town.

The number on rule I learned is that you’ve got to be fast, or you’ll go home hungry.