Underground Dinner at Casa Saltshaker

By: Smith Schwartz |

During our first week in Buenos Aires, I was scouring the interwebs for fun places to eat, when I came across Dan from Casa Saltshaker in the Chowhound forums. Another commenter mentioned that he really liked Dan’s blog, so I moseyed on over to his site and found not only a fun blog, but that he operates a closed door restaurant in his home!

Closed door restaurants are a fun way to meet people when you’re in a place where you don’t know anyone. We love having our own apartment where we can spread out a bit, but we kind of miss out on the opportunities hotels provide in meeting other travelers or getting concierge recommendations. So, we were anxious to get out and about and meet some locals!

As it turned out, the table for 9 at Casa Saltshaker was set for tourists only on the night we were there. We were a bit disappointed at first, but quickly made friends with our fellow (mostly) American dining partners. We met two lively sisters from Austin (a place we’ll be living in soon!), a pair of grad school buddies from Northwestern, a couple from Connecticut, and a fellow blogger from New Zealand! Di is biking around the globe, all at the whim of her readers. If you’d like to help choose her next adventure, check out her blog here.

The 5 course dinner was fantastic. One special treat this evening was a bowl of soup! I dare you to find one in a restaurant in Buenos Aires. It’s impossible!

We also had some super creamy quinoa polenta. I’m excited to try my hand at this next time I feel like heating up the kitchen.

Speaking of creamy, our postre for the evening was risotto gelato with pink peppercorns and fig! A quite unusual but an ever so tasty end to a lovely evening. Thanks so much to Dan and Henry for creating such a welcoming environment. We had a great time!