Woodford Reserve Distillery

By: Smith Schwartz |

After we took the official tour of Four Roses Distillery, we took our Bourbon Trail passports and headed down the Bluegrass Parkway to Woodford Reserve Distillery in Woodford County. A much more beautiful campus than Four Roses, you can immediately see why Woodford is the bourbon used in the $1000 mint julep at the Kentucky Derby.

Woodford Reserve sits on the banks of Glenn’s Creek, where water naturally filtered by limestone is used to make the bourbon smooth.

The limestone that makes the magic happen.

Since we had already gone through one official tour that day, we decided to poke around and give ourselves a tour on our own. Luckily, no one stopped us, so we were able to peek around and see the goods ourselves.

Our fun time may or may not have been aided by some samples of the local wares in the visitor’s center.

It was so cool to see such old technology still being used. There’s no more efficient way to move a 300 pound barrel of bourbon than to roll it.