We're in Buenos Aires!

By: Smith Schwartz |

Hi there! So sorry for the radio silence from our end. As those of you who follow us on Facebook know, we made it to Buenos Aires safe and sound on Sunday morning. The past few days have been quite the whirlwind as we adjust to this lively city.

Getting here was no easy task. We drove from Michigan to Texas so that we can store our car while we’re overseas. We squeezed this 22-hour drive into two days. We decided that if we do this again, we’ll definitely take three- it was quite tough to fit in all those hours! Once we arrived in Texas, we hopped on a short 14-hour flight to Buenos Aires. Needless to say, by the time we arrived on Sunday, we were worn out and drained.

Luckily for us, we’re staying in a very lively neighborhood, down the street from the popular Scandinavian-inspired brunch spot, Olsen. We dragged our ragged selves over to this hip spot and had a great breakfast (at 3pm no less– they serve brunch until 7 as PorteƱos love to sleep in!).

Erik’s face kind of sums up how we were feeling at this point. Exhausted and overwhelmed. But, we made it through and we’re settling into a somewhat normal routine. I’ve started Spanish classes, and Erik is back on a full-time programming schedule. We’re getting out and about in our fantastic neighborhood of Palermo Viejo and learning the ropes of our new home in South America.