We Like the Internet 4/13

By: Smith Schwartz |

Happy Friday the 13th! Here’s to hoping you’ll stay away from cats and rickety ladders today.

We read some fun stuff on the internet this week:

I’m not sure what I like more, watching Mad Men, or reading Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style, their take on Janie Bryant’s amazing costuming work on the show. TLo (as their fans call them), have a way of noticing the tiniest details of the show, and tying it all together in unexpected ways. Fabulously nerdy.

Speaking of fabulous nerds, this week I came across New York-based designer Tien-Min Liao’s Handmade Type and it kind of blew my mind.

And if you’re into just plain old nerd-nerds, you’ve got to check out this Kickstarter project from Pebble. Their goal of raising $100,000 was met about 20 minutes after launching and now they’re at $2 million and counting! Check out the dudes themselves at about 22 seconds in. We re-wound and watched them run in about 30 times. Nice watch, indeed.

If you’re looking to feed some nerds, here’s an interesting lunch I made this week.

Happy weekend! We’re off to tour some ‘smart’ homes and attend a crawfish boil. See you next week.

(Images: As Attributed Above)