Waimea: The Texas of Kauai

By: Smith Schwartz |

After a few soggy days on Kauai, we were desperately seeking sunshine. We had moved on from the industrial seaside town of Lihue to the lush, fertile hillsides of Lawai Valley. It’s a strikingly beautiful area, but since it is ‘wintertime’ on the island, it rains almost all the time.


Our gracious host, Traci at the Strawberry Guava Bed and Breakfast, told us to head west to bottommost corner of Kauai. It’s almost always sunny and warm there, so we threw some sunscreen in a bag, drove west and wound up in the sleepy but sunny town of Waimea.


There was just something about this town, the clapboard buildings, the heavy-lidded overhangs and the steadfast sun above that gave me that good ol’ Texas feeling.


Maybe it’s because we’re living on the road, or maybe it’s just a game I’ve always played in my head, but I love looking for the familiar in the new. It reminds me that we’re all connected, somehow and that any place can feel a bit like home.