Video: Well-Designed Travel at Ignite Chicago

By: Smith Schwartz |

Listen up! I’m talking about stuff that’s really important! (jk/jk/lol)

A few months back I did a (only slightly embarrassing) talk at Ignite Chicago. I spoke about our lives and how we live the way we live. Ignite is a fast-paced 15 seconds-per-slide kind of talk, so I may have come close to breaking JFK’s world record trying to fit so much info into 5 short minutes.

I’m revisiting this talk as I’m preparing for a longer-form presentation at Snow*Mobile Conference in Madison, WI. In Business wrote a nice story about the conference, now I just have to finish writing my talk so I have enough words to fill my 30 minute time slot.

Ignite Chicago - Smith Schwartz from IgniteChicago on Vimeo.