The First Week of 2012

By: Smith Schwartz |

Helloooooooooo! Our apologies for laying low this week. But I promise we’ve been busy!

Schwartzes 1.0

Sadly, we said goodbye to Erik’s parents. They came to visit us for about two weeks during the holidays and we had a blast. Here they are in one of our favorite spots, and Irish pub that serves Indian food! Who woulda thunk…

We spent New Year’s Day walking around the empty city. Just like Christmas, most people head to the country to spend New Year’s with a BBQ and a pool. The ones that stay here, shoot off fireworks till the wee hours and sleep the entire next day away.

Also, we saw ham.

We welcomed some new visitors on Wednesday, (who’ll you’ll meet soon) and took a ferry to Uruguay for some much needed R&R.;

Also, I began work on my new column, Well Designed Travel for Apartment Therapy. I’ll be updating you this week once it goes live!

Oh, and have you seen the AT redesign yet? Funny how everyone hates change so much… but I think the new streamlined site looks fantastic.