Take Manhattan, Just Give Me the Countryside

By: Smith Schwartz |

You guys, we spent last week on a real, live farm about 30 miles outside of Austin. We quickly got used to early nights and early mornings, chickens, guineas and sweet puppies coming to visit us in our little cabin.

Luckily for us, we got to reap the benefits of country living without performing any actual chores on the farm. Thanks to the internet, we just kept up with our normal duties online.

That doesn’t mean that others weren’t up everyday doing the hard work for us. It really made me appreciate the wonderful fresh food we ate every day.

The chickens were pretty hilarious, and very free range. The coop was great for sleeping, but mostly, they hung out near our bedroom window, picking up birdseed and searching for bugs to snack on during the day.

And as you can see, I’m not that much different than your average chicken, looking for snacks. Even though we only had a hotplate to cook with, we managed some pretty amazing meals.

P.S. There is no backdoor.