Revisiting Restaurants in Buenos Aires

By: Smith Schwartz |

It’s our last week in Buenos Aires. Our ride to the airport arrives at our apartment on Saturday at 5 am. I predict a bleary morning that will distract us from the sadness of leaving so we can focus on the excitement of continuing on to our next adventure.

This week, we’ve been revisiting some of our favorite spots around the city. Perhaps some people would be running around, seeing everything they’ve missed (and we’ve missed lots), but we’ve had a lot of fun hitting up some old stand by’s and feeling as porteƱo as we can.

We love Barrio Chino, and this little spot, Lai-Lai has been good to us. I’m in love with the pineapple fried rice, and this time we tried some amazing homemade tofu. It’s so nice to catch a break from traditional Argentine fare and inject ourselves with a little spice.

Speaking of traditional Argentine fare, Miranda is about as traditional as the come, but wrapped up in a hip, sleek Palermo package. It’s a beautiful space with lots of outdoor seating for those inclined to people watch. I highly recommend the bife de lomo (tenderloin) with arroz con verduras de parrilla (a hearty casserole with butternut squash, red peppers and mucho queso) and of course a bottle of Malbec from Mendoza. This is our go to spot to get our parrilla fix.

We’ve spent more nights at Tutti i Fiocchi than anywhere else in Buenos Aires. This little corner joint is great for people watching (it’s on a major bike lane), and has a quirky, friendly staff. The food is barely tolerable, the service is bad and the music is horrible, but we love this place anyway. Perhaps the perfect storm of unintentional seapunk decor, cheap Stella and the wacky waiters that just makes it feel like home to us.

One night, this little fella was jumping from his chair to this pole and back again. Just another evening at Tutti’s.