Lover's Leap Winery

By: Smith Schwartz |

We begin our journey in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. Here in the Heart of the Bluegrass, many old tobacco farms have had difficulty making ends meet (Sad.) because Americans are smoking less. (Yay!) But what to do with all of these tobacco farms? Many of these farms have found new lives as wineries. Kentucky’s fertile soil and temperate climate is no stranger to vineyards. In fact, over 200 years ago, French settlers founded the first commercial wine grape operation in the U.S. near the Kentucky River. Attention wine snobs: Kentucky wine is très fantastique!

Erik finds a bug in his wine!

This Saturday, we were treated to a fabulous day at Lover’s Leap Winery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky by my brother Bobby and his wife Rachel. The grapes were gone for the fall, but the wine was flowing like New Year’s Eve! Our favorite selection was Sloppy Seconds, (horrible name!) a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Chambourcin. (But so tasty!)

Bobby picks some mistletoe

We took a stroll around the vineyards and came across some mistletoe that was ready for us to harvest for the holidays! Sometimes, it’s especially handy to have a very tall little brother.