Life Lessons and Car Ownership

By: Smith Schwartz |

You guys– we bought a car! There’s nothing like plopping down a huge chunk of cash to make you feel like an adult.

After living car-free for several years in Chicago, we knew we’d have to bite the bullet and buy a car for the domestic legs of our travels. One of our best buddies has driven a Toyota Matrix for several years and it was at the top of our wish list while car shopping. It took a week of scouring the internet, phone calls and even visiting an auction, but I finally found a Matrix in our price range in fantastic condition on Craigslist! Unfortunately for us, the ground effects and Ed Hardy sachet air freshener had already been removed, but we still have a few vanity stickers to take care of.

If buying a car made me feel like a big shot, nothing made me feel more irresponsible than getting a parking ticket on my very first day as a car owner! Lucky for me, even the meter maids are friendly in my hometown and I was welcomed back with only a warning.

I’ll be sure to overfeed my meters from now on… promise!