Hiking the Waimea Canyon

By: Smith Schwartz |


Seriously, it is incredibly unfair how beautiful Kauai is. Hawaii’s oldest island is a treasure trove of discoveries.


It’s really hard to illustrate the scale of how vast this canyon is by photos alone. You really have to go.


My fear of heights was put to new tests as theses “trails” just kind of rolled off the side of the cliff. It’s a little hard to know just how close to the edge of the you are at any given time. I did my best to stick to the middle, just in case.


Rumor has it that Mark Twain once dubben Waimea Canyon “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Rumor also has it that he never set foot on Kauai. Either way, he was right.


There are many trails to choose from in the park, we were promised a waterfall at the end of ours. And well, let’s just say it wasn’t as impressive as the views on the way there.


But was nice of them to let us know we made it.


Who wants a hug!?