Gigi's Cabaret

By: Smith Schwartz |

We were slightly concerned.

During our last weekend in Michigan, we decided to take a little trip with Jess and John and our friends Holly and Dave to Gigi’s Cabaret in Detroit. When we pulled up to the parking lot, I have to admit I was a bit confused by the less than fabulous exterior. It looked more 8 Mile than EJ and Ru.

Inside however, was an entirely different story. The fabulousness didn’t so much reside in the decor as it did in the performers. Ms. Nickki Stevens was our host for the evening, and she definitely was lip syncing for her life every time she was on stage.

The rest of the performances were super fun, (and Gigi’s illicitly strong libations didn’t hurt), but I was particularly taken with Ms. Here’s Your Once Chance Fancy here. She transformed her face using some kind of makeup voodoo into an unmistakable Reba. Someday, I’ll learn how to properly use a makeup brush…

Despite the shady parking lot and toothless parking attendant, we had a blast at Gigi’s and definitely tore up some dance floor real estate upstairs. If you’re ever in Detroit and missing a little sparkle in your life, Gigi’s is just the place to get your fill.