Four Roses Distillery

By: Smith Schwartz |

Last weekend, feeling adventurous, we decided to bravely trek the Bourbon Trail. We began our journey at Four Roses Distellery about 45 minutes from Lexington, near the banks of The Salt River.

The legend of Four Roses as told by our tour guide, is one of true love. The founder of the distillery fell in head over heels in love with a local Southern Belle and asked that if she wished to say yes to his proposal, she should wear roses to the upcoming grand ball. She wore a corsage of four red roses, (holler!) and those flowers became the signature of his bourbon company, founded in 1888.

We had a fun time touring the distillery, learning some history, smelling the mash while trying not to inhale too much CO2, and sampling the different bourbon selections. Recommendation: you should definitely run out and buy Four Roses Small Batch immediately! It will change your life, or at least your afternoon.

Four what?