Four Hour Brunch in Buenos Aires

By: Smith Schwartz |

OK, so you guys already know that we’ve been in Panama for a week now. However, I have one quick order of business to clean up in Buenos Aires.

First course, cereal, yogurt, fruit and juice.

We had brunch for four hours, y’all! It was crazy. It was long enough to eat, get full, become sleepy, eat more and then go home to pass out. It was a lot of food over a long period of time. But don’t worry about us, we made it through!

Second course, bread basket, jams, dulce de leche (of course), tea and bloody marys.

The food scene in Buenos Aires is very hit or miss. Things that were reviewed quite positively in guide books or websites quite often came up lacking in our opinions. We were so lucky to stumble across a fantastic resource called Pick Up the Fork. Allie is an American living in BA with a quick wit and a refined pallet, and we wholeheartedly endorse every review on her site (we tried lots of them).

Third course, no meal in Argentina is complete without a little jamon y queso, which also included a large bowl of scrambled eggs (not pictured).

She had recently written a rave review of the brunch at the Fierro Hotel. It was just down the street from our apartment and it was our last Sunday in Buenos Aires, so we decided to go out with a bang.

Fourth course, 1 shrimp, 1 cherry tomato, sliced in two.

The only time this tiny amount of food on a plate is acceptable is when you have 8 other plates coming.

Fifth course, fried calamari

Probably the one and only time I had fried food in Argentina (well, besides french fries… but they don’t count, right?) so of course it was my favorite dish of the day.

Sixth course, anchovies

This course I just could not do. I love anchovies chopped up in a salad, sliced thin on a pizza or whirled into a caesar dressing, but not all by their lonesome. Ick.

Skirt steak with sweet potato puree

Amazing. You can’t go wrong with this combo. I don’t eat meat very often, but in Argentina, you never say no to steak.

Eighth course, dessert no. 1

I can’t remember what this was called, but it was some kind of shaved ice with lychees, pumpkin seeds, nuts, flowers and berries on a bed of fresh, whipped cream. Kind of amazing. I was sure we were finished after this, so I made sure to eat the entire dish.

Ninth course, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?

This was an amazing chocolate brownie with chocolate crumbles and flowers. I absolutely had to make myself eat this, but it was oh-so delicious. I know you are feeling very sorry for us at this point, so please leave your sympathies in the comments section.