Foreign Snack Attack: Buenos Aires

By: Smith Schwartz |

OK, so I know you guys are anxious to hear all about Buenos Aires and its wonderful culture and scenery and art and life and all these fabulous things. Sorry, I’ma talk about snacks now.

One of my most favorite things about traveling to a new place is trying all of the fun snack products around. The reigning champions of my life of travel so far has to be the Paprika Pringles of France.

Today, I took a trip to the supermercado and purchased some fun snacks. The contenders:

First up, 3D’s MegaTube Mega Queso! These are kiiinda like if Bugles and Cheetos had a chilled out baby. I’m pretty fond of them, however they are seriously not tubular. They are pretty flat, but pretty tasty. Overall I give them a 4 out of 5 Foreign Snack Attacks.

Next up was Krachitos Atlánticas Papas Jamón Serrano. When I was in Spain last year, there were definitely lots of jamón flavores snacks, including my beloved Pringles and these were of the same vein. However, I felt they lacked a little of the serious hamminess that the snacks in Spain served up, and just added more salt to mask the lack of flavor. I give them a 2 out of 5 Foreign Snack Attacks.

Lastly, also from Krachitos was a varietal called Oliva y Finas Hierbas. These snacks are definitely for a more refined palette… say, one who love herbs and bad breath. I rather enjoyed these french-fry-shaped, (and who doesn’t like anything french-fry-shaped?) crunchy snacks. The texture was just right and the herbalicious taste was pretty good, but I have to take off a point for the dragon breath that came after. Final score: 3 out of 5 Foreign Snack Attacks.

While none of these snacks changed my life the way French Paprika Pringles did, (the standard to which I hold all other Foreign Snack Attacks) but with a strong showing of 4 out of 5 Foreign Snack Attacks the winner of this round is totally 3D’s MegaTube Mega Queso, (insert applause here…)! Not only do they have the super awesome and megalicious 80’s name, they have the goods to fill my belly after a long hard day of trying to roll my R’s. Saludos!