Dragons, Tacos, Gardens and Books on Stage

By: Smith Schwartz |

This past week has been a fun one. It’s been slightly cooler here (with highs only in the low 90’s), so we’ve been walking all around this town!

We hit up the Chinese New Year celebration in El Barrio Chino. Chinatown in BA is only about 4 square blocks, but it’s packed with great restaurants and shops. In fact, one of our favorite meals we’ve had so far was here. We split an appetizer, an entree and a bottle of Torrontes all for about $17 USD. (And they had a secret stash of sriracha! I’ve never realized how much I love spice until it was taken completely away.)

We tried to eat some comida mexicana… but alas… no salsa picante! The food here tasted as if it were made for an assembly of first-graders. It was fresh, but needed a little kick in the you-know-what.

We beat the heat by taking a stroll through the Jardín Botánico. It was a great day for people watching, sprinkler avoiding and book reading.

And speaking of books, every visitor to Buenos Aires should try to make it down to El Ateneo. This famous bookseller has an outpost in an old theater in the Recoleta. It’s really fun to enjoy an overpriced coffee on stage left, while admiring your adoring audience (of books) in the cheap seats.