Christmas Decorations in Buenos Aires

By: Smith Schwartz |

The Christmas decorations here in Buenos Aires are quite different than in the States, and I get it. You can’t swaddle your home in velvet and evergreen branches when it’s 90 degrees outside. It’s been fun discovering airy, light Christmas decor all around town.

Lots of stores go the window decal route. This is by far the least sweaty version of Christmas decoration there is. In my mind, Christmas is all about bringing warmth into the coldest time of the year. Here, they’ve got to keep it cool.

This is a great example of decorations that are festive but summery. Instead of heavy reds and deep greens, they decorate with cheerful summertime colors that are fresh and light.

But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean there aren’t cookies and cakes around. Christmas is all about the food- and Buenos Aires is no different!

You’ll also see that even the more traditional trees are decorated in a way that seems a little lighter. Fun fact, almost no one has a live tree here. So far, I’ve seen nary an evergreen, only plastico.

Everyone in Buenos Aires loves their dog- and everyone has at least one it seems! This little guy is used to heavy paparazzi and all dressed up and ready to party! Feliz Navidad everyone- we love you and we miss you!