Cabin Fever

By: Smith Schwartz |

So we’ve been in Michigan for about a week now, and things are getting serious. Seriously cold, that is. I guess this whole adventure wouldn’t be complete without a tiny dose of winter. We can take our lumps… we’ve got warm weather in store sooner than is fair.

We’ve mostly stayed home with the family; Erik’s sister Jessica, her husband John and our two cutie-pie nieces (ages 2 1/2 and 3 months) are keeping us entertained as we stay cozy by the fireplace and look for elves.

After almost a full week of not leaving their house, we started coming down with a bad case of cabin fever. We ventured out, (camera-less of course… doh!) and had a great dinner in downtown Ann Arbor at Frita Batidos. This was a super cute Cuban place with an interesting menu, but I only feel the need to say two words: loaded plantains. You guys, they kinda changed my life.

Our little trip certainly satisfied our spirits (and bellies). Now, back to cozying up around the house…