Buen Suspiro in Colonia del Sacramento

By: Smith Schwartz |

This past weekend, we took a couple of days to cross the Río de la Plata and visit Colonia del Sacramento for a much needed break from the city. We were told by several people that we’d be totally bored spending four days in Colonia because it’s so small and there’s not much to do.


However, the haters were wrong! We loved Colonia so much, that I could easily see spending a week or more in this sleepy town. (And perhaps lots of time in other parts of Uruguay!) It probably didn’t hurt that after a solid month in Buenos Aires, we were ready for a quiet, slow pace and a few days off from work.

We’ve had our ups and downs with South American cuisine, so we were prepared to pay too much for crappy food in this touristy town 26 miles north of Buenos Aires. So when we discovered the mega-cute Buen Suspiro conveniently located on Calle de los Suspiros, we held our breath but made a reservation anyway.

The menu here consists entirely of picadas, which are small bites of everything (mostly cheese), and pretty much the way I would eat every day if I didn’t hate chopping so much. (And it was acceptable practice to consume my weight in cheese daily.)

This was one of our best meals in South America so far. Uruguayan cheese is quite different better than most of the Argentine cheese we’ve had so far, and the local wine is not so shabby either.

As you can see the building itself was quite low slung, so modern heads watch out!